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Healing Circles 

Reiki Shares


Cost $10

Pre-Registration requested

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Toms River 

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Healing Circles

Join us to connect and heal.

Come as you are, leave feeling more peaceful, centered and relaxed.

 “Healing Circles allow people to share in healing, benefiting from the collective energy of the group, while supporting each individual to grow and strengthen themselves.”


We will begin with a guided meditation to expand our personal energy field. Using our focus and breathing we fall into deep relaxation and with ease as we tap into source energy. We will connect with each person within the group and to each other creating a circle of energy.  Each individual connection within the group contributes to collective consciousness increasing the healing and light.  It is through these connections the path is open path to achieve healing and guidance allowing participants to release, transform, and expand.


While being guided to connect or during circle we may use different modalities to increase the vibration of the room (tapping, drumming, humming, clapping, etc.)


The Healing Circle is a public event and open to all. No experience necessary.
It is through continued connection that we can heal collectively.


We will be seated in chairs during this event. If you choose to sit on the floor feel free to bring any mats, cushions etc.

Pre-registration is required. Space is Limited

Questions Call or Text

(732) 451-4513

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Reiki certification now being offered.

I am available for one on one classes, workshops as well as booking for groups.

I am here to help guide and support you without judgment and with a positive insight that is lost on many others. I would be happy to schedule and appointment to discuss how we can begin your journey to creating your most positive abundant life.

I offer a variety of services to help guide and assist you towards becoming the best you can be.